Interactive Cloud OS: a solid foundation for cloud computing

All cloud computing starts with an operating system. We create, develop and maintain a dedicated cloud operating system. This software helps users manage their hardware resources and gives their applications high-performing computing power, resilient storage and swift connectivity. It is like the solid foundation for a house. And as IT demand is growing in size and complexity, we are talking of a high-rise building. Who would build a tower without a solid foundation?

Open Source: access for all to ensure performance

Interactive Cloud OS is an open source Linux distribution licensed under the GPL. We have been using Unix and Linux system for decades and strongly support the open source community spirit which changed the world of IT. Many contributors improve systems and create an open computing environment. We intend to build a community with this project to ensure the performance and integrity of Interactive Cloud OS.

This would help everyone to run mission-critical applications and services in the cloud on various hardware platforms in locations all over the world and would change life once again.

Fast Installation: Cloud computing up and running in 10 Minutes

Install your Cloud computing platform in 10 minutes rather than hours or days. Interactive Cloud OS has an easy installation procedure and has all tools to build your private or public cloud on board. You don’t need any other tools!

Freedom of choice: Use any Guest Operating System you want

You can upload and use your favorite operating systems (Microsoft Windows, RedHat, SuSE, Debian, Ubuntu, Solaris, BSD, ArchLinux and so forth) on top of Interactive Cloud OS as you want.

Save Time and Money

Buy a server ONCE and use MANY operating systems in parallel on top of it. Since the installation is just 10 minutes you are up and running in a blink of an eye. All of this can be done with Interactive Cloud OS!

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