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World’s first Interactive Cloud OS bundled with OpenStack out of the box!

Interactive Cloud OS is a turnkey solution bundled with well-known OpenStack environment.

Benefit from the best of two breeds:

  • OpenStack as a comfortable and powerful Graphical User interface to provision Virtual Machines.
  • Interactive Cloud OS as a solid Operating System optimized for fast, reliable and secure cloud computing.

This is world’s first open source cloud operating system and management distribution on one DVD. It is 100% optimized for cloud computing and security.

We are offering a complete solution (Interactive Cloud OS bundled with OpenStack (http://www.openstack.org) as an all-containing ISO File, so it can be easily installed from a DVD drive or via USB stick. And it is free – so you don’t have to pay any license fees!

Easy and fast cloud deployment in 10 Minutes!

Your first Login to the OpenStack Management Server

Login to the Management Dashboard

Cloud computing has never been easier: Install the DVD in 10 Minutes, restart the server and login to the management dashboard with a normal Internet Browser (e.g. Internet Explorer, Firefox or Chrome).

Within seconds, you can set up your first Virtual Machine and start running your own cloud.

It is just that easy!

For bigger installations, you can set up one server as management system and deploy additional Interactive Cloud OS servers as you want. They will follow the commands of the management server.

The more servers you deploy, the bigger is your cloud computing platform.

Let’s take a look at the management interface. As soon as you login, you can view all existing projects running.

View Existing Projects

View existing projects running on Interactive Cloud OS


Start launching your own virtual machines, by selecting an instance. Of course, you can upload your personal images to the server and deploy your own environment.


After a few seconds, your server is up and running in your private cloud.

You can get futher details on our cloud solution here.