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Interactive Cloud OS 14.10.1 released

Interactive Cloud OS 14.10.1 is a maintenance release for 14.10 which fixes a couple of bugs in the installation and updates the software to the latest patches.

  • Fixed: Installation on some raid controllers (i.e. on ML 370 G5 or DL 380 G4) failed. Thanks to Mark Lants for reporting this.
  • Fixed: Installation failed on disks with more than 2 TB size.
  • Fixed: Checking for cpu virtualisation support failed if feature is not available.
  • New Feature: The apache server configuration disables SSLv3 to avoid the poodle attack.
  • Updated to latest kernel and security patches.

Interactive Cloud OS 14.10.1 gives you a one node OpenStack Icehouse installation ready to run in less than 10 minutes. With the new simple installation mode it is even possible to finish the installation in 5 minutes only. This includes booting from CD-ROM, formatting the hard disk, installing the Linux OS and configuring OpenStack Icehouse.

Interactive Cloud OS: A true Cloud solution

Interactive Cloud OS vs. other Open Source Cloud Solutions:

  • Comes with true Cloud Operating System
    • No huge OS downloading
    • No need for Linux guru Console installations
    • No TEXT / ASCII Jungle
    • No massive documentation research
  • Runs on a single server
    • No massive hardware investment
    • No need for a cluster with 3-7 servers
  • Installs like a charm (in less than 10 Min.)
    • No 1-5 days of installation
    • No special installation on clients – your browser is enough
  • Fully transparent and fast
    • No need to have latest CPU technology
    • No 3rd party tools and gadgets
    • No black-boxes
  • Webmanagement included
    • No need for other tools
    • No need for extra fees for 3rd Party software
  • Open Source
    • No vendor lock-in
    • No license fees
    • No dead-ends
  • Commercial Support available

Interactive Cloud OS – What is it?

Interactive Cloud OS is a multi-functional operating system optimized and designed for virtualization and cloud computing. It is not based on other operating systems or distributions, but designed and built completely from scratch – based on the latest Linux Kernels available.

With Interactive Cloud OS, you can run more than one operating system on your computer simultaneously (Windows, Linux, BSD, Solaris…). The amount of Guest OSes is limited by your hardware resources (CPU, RAM and HDD Space) only.

In a deployment with more than one server, resources can be shared and balanced among your Cloud and Virtual Machines can be shifted from one computer to another and even from one site to another.

By using strong VPNs, you are able to locate your servers all over the world and shift your resources as needed.

Interactive Cloud OS is Open Source and free: No license fees and no hidden costs!


The Benefits are endless:

  • Reduce costs by using less hardware
  • Enhance flexibility of your installation by moving your VMs locally or worldwide
  • Reduce the CO2 footprint
  • Balance the Load of your servers
  • Allocate more space dynamically when you need it
  • Use VMs for testing or updating procedures
  • Destroy a VM when a test fails and start a new one in seconds from your saved snapshot
  • Use snapshots to clone your installation
  • Use snapshots to backup and cold-standby your services
  • Secure your servers with central security management
  • Connect your cloud worldwide via strong VPN tunnels and act worldwide
  • […]

Curious? Get more information about Interactive Cloud OS HERE