Management Dashboard

Login to the Web Console (OpenStack Dashboard)

As soon you have successfully completed your installation, you can login to the Web console, which is featured by the OpenStack module “Horizon” (aka OpenStack Dashboard).

After installation, use your web browser (i.e. Firefox / Internet Explorer / Chrome / Safari) and enter the management address you have given in the installation procedure (in our example we used Even better is to use the server name instead, since we need the server name to access to the Virtual Console of your VMs later.

Hint: Set up a DNS Server or enter the IP address of the server with the server name in your local hosts file. This allows for easiest use of the web browser as your management interface.

Browser Warning

In some cases, you will see a screen like this one, which claims that connection is “un-trusted”, “not secure” or “not private” blablabla:

Since we use an self-issued and signed SSL certificate, which ist not signed by an “official” certificate authority (CA), this is a silly information from your browser. Just proceed and take the “advanced” tour or whatever your browser tells you in order to proceed.

Of course, you can change the SSL certificate any time you want. We just wanted to make your Management Dashboard from the beginning as safe as possible right from the beginning and secured it with a strong SSL encryption.


Irritating silly browser warning










Hint: If you want to use our certificate and don’t want to get annoying messages, download and install our root certificate from here:

As soon you made this first little step, everything is easy. You will get the following login screen which allows to login to the Management Dashboard.


OpenStack Dashboard Login Screen









The default user is “admin”, the password was set by you in the installation procedure.

OpenStack Dashboard

With your correct entered credentials, you will receive the Usage overview page (instances are shown for demonstration purposes in this example only).


OpenStack Dashboard Overview



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