Installation / DOCs

Installation Guide and Documentation

This section covers the general installation and configuration techniques. There are only a few steps to be done to have your first system up and running and connected to the outside internet world…

Here is the short and quick recipe to get cloud computing started:

  1. Install Interactive Cloud OS (more…)
    1. Simple Installation
    2. Expert Installation (more…)
  2. Login to the Web GUI (OpenStack Dashboard) (more…)
  3. Start your first virtual machine (VM) (more…)
  4. Connect to the VM via the HTTP Browser (more…)
  5. Issue an external IP address from pool to make VM world-reachable (not yet comleted)

 Hints / Add-Ons

  1. Edit the local Windows hosts file and connect the Console of a VM (not yet comleted)
  2. Upload your favourite operating system (e.g. Windows, Linux…) (more…)
  3. Modify your keyboard settings (not yet comleted)

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