Interactive Cloud OS Installation procedure

To show the simplicity of our cloud solution, we perform a virtual installation here.  From the screenshots, you can follow all needed steps for successful installation. The overview is completed by various screenshots, which show the running Interactive Cloud OS with the OpenStack graphical user interface.

Cloud recipe (9 Steps in 5 Minutes)

  1. Choose your hardware (Server, Notebook, PC etc.).
  2. Insert the CD or DVD and boot from the inserted media.
  3. The installer starts automatically
  4. Enter Passwords, Network IP addresses, Installation Destination etc.
  5. Take an internet browser on a separate PC.
  6. Login to the OpenStack GUI.
  7. Define your projects
  8. Start your Virtual Machines.
  9. Start to use your cloud, you’re ready to go!

We will have more information on installation in a couple of days…

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