Get your copy of Interactive Cloud OS with OpenStack Juno

Version 15.10 (2015-10-05) [One node OpenStack Juno]

Download @ Interactive Network (DE-CIX): cloudos-15.10.iso (542 MB)

Get the last release with OpenStack Icehouse

Version 14.10.1 (2014-10-23) [One node OpenStack Icehouse]

Download @ Interactive Network (DE-CIX): cloudos-14.10.1.iso (446 MB)

Quick install

  1. Download the ISO image.
  2. Write ISO image to cdrom or usb stick and boot from it.
  3. Enter your network data (or choose simple installation instead).
  4. Wait for the installation to finish (about 3 minutes on DL380 G6 with SAS disk).
  5. Point your browser to the dashboard, login, have fun…

Whole installation can be done in less than 5 minutes (excluding the time for downloading). The detailed installation manual can be found here.

It you choose simple installation mode, plug your notebook to the first NIC of your server, enable DHCP, point your browser to https://console.cloudos and login as admin with password cloudos.

Hardware Requirements

  • CPU must have enabled Virtualization Technology.
  • Min. 4 GB RAM (Recommended 8 GB or much more).  🙂
  • Min. 80 GB HDD Space for OS, more for VMs and Snapshots.
  • At least 2 Ethernet Cards.

If you experience any problems with your installation, please tell us which platform you are using and send us an email via the contact page. And of course, if you have got new information about successful installation, please contact us as well 😉

Known Limitations

  • Currently only US-keyboard is supported.
  • The Openstack flavors are installed without ephermal disk, so either create a new flavor, or change the size of the ephermal disk. A good start is to set the same size of root-disk and ephermal disk in OpenStack’s flavors. The flavors are found in Admin -> System Panel -> Flavors.

To receive further information about Interactive Cloud OS and updates please enlist HERE


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