Create Virtual Machine

Create a new Instance / VM

With the Dashboard, you can easily install a new virtual machine (VM). Point Your Browser to Project -> Compute -> Instances. You will see an empty instance windows there.








Launch a new Instance

To install a new instance, press the “Launch Instance” Button on the upper right side.

Fill out the window as shown here and press the blue “Launch” button.












After you pressed launch, another screen will show up and ask you for the network to use. We preconfigured a secure, internal network with the installation, so just choose the network demo-net drag-and-drop or simply pressing the “+” sign.









After you set your network, again press the blue “Launch” button.


Instance spawning

You will see a screen like this, showing a spawning instance:








Connect to the VM via the VNC console

As soon you see the instance on status “running” in the Instances View, you can use the “More” button on the right side to connect to the console of the VM / Instance. Use the More-> Console to connect to the console.








The console will give you access to the system as if you had a monitor and keyboard connected directly to your server (which is in a VM now). So you have full access to your server as if you had bought expensive hardware. :-))

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