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Interactive Cloud OS: A true Cloud solution

Interactive Cloud OS vs. other Open Source Cloud Solutions:

  • Comes with true Cloud Operating System
    • No huge OS downloading
    • No need for Linux guru Console installations
    • No TEXT / ASCII Jungle
    • No massive documentation research
  • Runs on a single server
    • No massive hardware investment
    • No need for a cluster with 3-7 servers
  • Installs like a charm (in less than 10 Min.)
    • No 1-5 days of installation
    • No special installation on clients – your browser is enough
  • Fully transparent and fast
    • No need to have latest CPU technology
    • No 3rd party tools and gadgets
    • No black-boxes
  • Webmanagement included
    • No need for other tools
    • No need for extra fees for 3rd Party software
  • Open Source
    • No vendor lock-in
    • No license fees
    • No dead-ends
  • Commercial Support available

New Documentation available

Have a look at our new documents in the Docs/Manual area.

They show how easy it is to set up a complete virtualized server with OpenStack IceHouse version in 10 minutes. It also shows the next steps how to set up a new virtualized host in another 2 minutes.

It has never been easier and faster to set up a cloud with OpenStack!

Have a look at the Documentation and Installation Manuals here.

Interactive Cloud OS 14.9 released

Interactive Cloud OS 14.9 has been released today. It’s a maintenance release giving your virtual machines a performance boost compared against any release since 14.5. It’s also including the latest security patches for kernel, apache and the base packages. Last but not least it fixes the »Unknown localized field« error messages with debian 7 net install.

For the next release in October we aim at adding a secondary install mode with predefined network settings, dhcp and dns server for an even easier and faster installation in a testbed. And maybe to upgrade to OpenStack Juno.

Interactive Cloud OS 14.9 gives you a one node OpenStack Icehouse installation ready to run in less than 10 minutes.

Interactive Cloud OS 14.7 ready for download

As promised, we are done with our new release of the Interactive Cloud OS. We are releasing version 14.7 for download from today in the download area.


Project Overview (CPU, RAM, Disk Space…)

With Interactive Cloud OS 14.7, we offer a complete OpenStack GUI (IceHouse version) and the following OpenStack services:

  • Network
  • MySQL
  • RabbitMQ
  • Keystone
  • Glance
  • Nova
  • Neutron
  • Dashboard (Horizon)

This release is based on OpenSuSE Linux and features Kernel Version 3.11.10-17. We will release aditional versions this year, but this is a good start for testing and training.

As said before, we would be happy to welcome supporters and contributors.

Interactive Cloud OS on OpenStack Icehouse

Finally, we are up and running our new Cloud OS with OpenStack Icehouse version.

We have the system running in our lab – so far everything looks fine what we tested.
We have it installing from a TFTP server – so this is the crucial bottleneck for a smooth installation. We will have it as an installation from ISO file (CD, DVD etc.) next week.

Since tomorrow’s Thursday is a holiday in Germany, the development members are off for a long weekend.

But we are happy to finally announce our new version for next week. Should be around Tuesday. So please come back next week and download the new version.
As soon as we have it online, we will have an announcement at all contacts.

New Interactive Cloud OS on Ice House to be released soon

We are happy to announce our new version of Interactive Cloud OS soon. As wrote before, we implemented the new OpenStack IceHouse version with various interesting additions to the whole framework.
There will be a lot of more information about this release, soon. So please keep tuned or enlist to our newsletter service here.

Free Cloud Software

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It’s the fastest and simplest way to start with private cloud computing. And it‘s free & OpenSource.

Just start to download here and begin your own cloud today.

Technical update on Interactive Network Cloud OS (2014-01-18)

Currently, we have to do some work on the installer. This is expected to be done by end of next week (end of Jan. 2014).

The “old” installer (Version 0.97-22 and before) was not able to get the complete installation status of a module, so installation failed on some rare occasions.

The reports from our Beta testers where analyzed and we decided to have a new installation procedure.

These timing issues will be resolved in the new version. Please stay tuned 😉