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Interactive Cloud OS: A true Cloud solution

Interactive Cloud OS vs. other Open Source Cloud Solutions:

  • Comes with true Cloud Operating System
    • No huge OS downloading
    • No need for Linux guru Console installations
    • No TEXT / ASCII Jungle
    • No massive documentation research
  • Runs on a single server
    • No massive hardware investment
    • No need for a cluster with 3-7 servers
  • Installs like a charm (in less than 10 Min.)
    • No 1-5 days of installation
    • No special installation on clients – your browser is enough
  • Fully transparent and fast
    • No need to have latest CPU technology
    • No 3rd party tools and gadgets
    • No black-boxes
  • Webmanagement included
    • No need for other tools
    • No need for extra fees for 3rd Party software
  • Open Source
    • No vendor lock-in
    • No license fees
    • No dead-ends
  • Commercial Support available