Interactive Cloud OS on OpenStack Icehouse

Finally, we are up and running our new Cloud OS with OpenStack Icehouse version.

We have the system running in our lab – so far everything looks fine what we tested.
We have it installing from a TFTP server – so this is the crucial bottleneck for a smooth installation. We will have it as an installation from ISO file (CD, DVD etc.) next week.

Since tomorrow’s Thursday is a holiday in Germany, the development members are off for a long weekend.

But we are happy to finally announce our new version for next week. Should be around Tuesday. So please come back next week and download the new version.
As soon as we have it online, we will have an announcement at all contacts.

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3 thoughts on “Interactive Cloud OS on OpenStack Icehouse

  1. Saud Hamid

    Nice – I hope to see this OS soon – A friend of mine bring this site to my attention. Hope to all the features of the new openstack icehoue.

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