Interactive Cloud OS featuring OpenStack HAVANA

OpenStack Havana

Interactive Cloud OS feat. OpenStack Havana

This is the first sneak preview of our new Interactive Cloud OS beta release featuring OpenStack Havana.

The new Havana edition makes it easy to build and deploy new services and applications in a cloud. We integrated new OpenStack fatures and services as well, e.g. metering gives you the ability to monitor, manage and bill performance and usage.

Havana Network topology

Network topology overview with LAN/WAN NICs


The Horizon WebGUI shows you all necesarry information and gives you an executive summary for your daily needs.

The new orchestration feature helps to enable turnkey solutions. Updated storage and QOS features combined with security and reliability help you to optimize your cloud and to get more from your servers. Havana is the best OpenStack release so far.

OpenStack Havana features at a glance


Manage Images and Snapshots

  • Better Scalability
  • Extend volume sizes seamlessly
  • Update quotas
  • Instance shelving
  • Global cluster capability (e.g. worldwide)
  • VPN-as-a-service integrated
  • Convenient firewall configuration
  • Metering for public and private cloud billing
  • Improved role management

Availability of Interactive Cloud OS with OpenStack Havana

We are looking to complete implementation of all needed OpenStack modules. Horizon and Keystone are implemented on our OS so far, but we need the whole suite. So please be patient- we will give more information as soon as possible.

If you want to start with Interactive Cloud OS and OpenStack Grizzly, please download our current version here.

To receive further information about Interactive Cloud OS and updates please enlist HERE

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