Interactive Cloud OS fails to start after zypper update

If you’re doing linux system updates for Interactive Cloud OS 15.3 and 14.11 (as it is recommended) with zypper up, after September, 26th OpenStack fails to start.

To fix this, we’ve provided a small hotfix to patch the mysql service. To install the hotfix, just login on your Interactive Cloud OS node via console or ssh and run the next two commands:

curl >

Thanks to Steve for reporting this.

Causative is, that the mariadb 5.5.45 package built on September 26th uses a different start script for the mysql service than in Interactive Cloud OS 15.3.

This new start script mangles the configuration parameter for –init-connect by removing the quotes around the sql command“SET NAMES utf8” thus failing to start the mysql daemon due to an unknown command line option NAMES.

The parameter is needed by OpenStack so it’s just not as simple to remove it from the configuration file. So we’ve patched the start script /usr/lib/mysql/mysql-systemd-helper to ignore any setting for –init-connect in /etc/my.cnf but added this option, properly quoted, when starting the daemon.

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