Interactive Cloud OS 14.10.1 released

Interactive Cloud OS 14.10.1 is a maintenance release for 14.10 which fixes a couple of bugs in the installation and updates the software to the latest patches.

  • Fixed: Installation on some raid controllers (i.e. on ML 370 G5 or DL 380 G4) failed. Thanks to Mark Lants for reporting this.
  • Fixed: Installation failed on disks with more than 2 TB size.
  • Fixed: Checking for cpu virtualisation support failed if feature is not available.
  • New Feature: The apache server configuration disables SSLv3 to avoid the poodle attack.
  • Updated to latest kernel and security patches.

Interactive Cloud OS 14.10.1 gives you a one node OpenStack Icehouse installation ready to run in less than 10 minutes. With the new simple installation mode it is even possible to finish the installation in 5 minutes only. This includes booting from CD-ROM, formatting the hard disk, installing the Linux OS and configuring OpenStack Icehouse.

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