Interactive Cloud OS 14.10 released

The new release of Interactive Cloud OS 14.10 gives you an even easier and quicker installation for a one node OpenStack Icehouse Installation than ever before.

With the new simple installation mode, the whole installation can be done in 5 Minutes only. This includes formatting the hard disk, installing the Linux OS and configuring OpenStack Icehouse.

  • New Feature: Simple install mode with predefined network settings and DHCP:
    1. Boot your server from ISO Image of Interactive Cloud OS 14.10.
    2. Choose simple installation mode.
    3. Choose hard disk for installation.
    4. Enable DHCP on your notebook and plug it to the first NIC of your server.
    5. Point your browser to https://console.cloudos. Enjoy.
  • Previous expert install mode still available for easy customisation of network settings.
  • Updated to latest security patches, including fixes for Shellshock.

Update 2014-10-23: The password in simple installation mode is cloudos! So to login to the dashboard point your browser to https://console.cloudos and login with admin  and cloudos.

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